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Law Commission begins joint review of the Search & Surveillance Act 2012

The Minister of Justice has asked the Law Commission and Ministry of Justice to review the operation of the Search and Surveillance Act 2012.  The Act controls how police and certain other government agencies search people or property, as well as the use of surveillance devices for the purpose of investigating crime.

The Law Commission and Ministry of Justice will be calling for public submissions later this year and will report to the Minister by the end of June 2017.

Link: Law Commission media release

California expands digital privacy laws

California today passed the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, which prohibits law enforcement or other regulators from forcing businesses to hand over metadata or digital communications without a warrant. It also requires a warrant to track or search devices like mobile phones.  The Act is being hailed as the most comprehensive law of its kind in any U.S. state.

Link: Wired

Privacy Commissioner to monitor police use of personal data requests?

The Privacy Commissioner may create a central register to record Police requests for personal data without search warrants from service providers such as airlines, banks, electricity companies, telcos and internet providers. Police are said to rely on the Privacy Act’s Principle 11, which permits disclosure of personal information where required “for the maintenance of the law”. The District Court has queried the legality of such demands.

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