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PwC State of Information Security Survey in New Zealand

PwC has released its annual Global State of Information Security Survey.

Key findings for New Zealand include:

  • New Zealand organisations are much less confident this year that their information security activities are effective.  In 2014, 83.3% of New Zealand organisations were confident or somewhat confident, compared to just 64.7% this year.
  • Many organisations are emphasising the people side of the information security equation.  However, the survey data suggests that New Zealand is slightly behind the curve at board level.  Globally, 34.8% of organisations say their board receives information security risk updates at least four times a year.  In New Zealand, only 20.6% receive regular updates.
  • New Zealand is falling behind global trends in information security spending.
  • 43.3% of organisations have indicated that they have a security strategy in place for the cloud, 40% have mobile malware detection and 50.5% use common identity protection.  But more than 40% do not currently have an overall strategy that takes into account the holistic needs of the organisation.
  • 28% of organisations with a security incident in the past year suffered a loss or damage to internal records; 25.6% saw their brand or reputation compromised; and 18.3% suffered financial loss.

New Zealand respondents ‘ top information security priorities for the coming year are:

  • identifying sensitive assets;
  • security strategy for mobile devices;
  • classifying the business value of data; and
  • establishing security and baseline standards for third-party vendors, suppliers, and external partners.

Link (PwC): State of Information Security Survey in New Zealand