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Privacy scrutiny for Oculus Rift

Concerns have emerged this week over the privacy policy wording of Facebook’s virtual reality company (and Facebook subsidiary) Oculus Rift.

First to press was ZDNet, highlighting wording that purports to disclaim responsibility for data breaches.  This was followed by a letter (PDF) to the company from Senator Al Franken, demanding more detailed disclosures on what information Oculus collects from users and what it does with that data.

All in all, this is a timely reminder of the PR implications of privacy policies, especially for high profile businesses.  In jurisdictions like New Zealand, it is also an open question as to whether disclaimers of the kind highlighted above might attract attention from regulators under  unfair contract terms legislation.

Link: ZDNet  |  TechCrunch
Hat-tip: IAPP

Privacy group asks US FTC to investigate Uber

The Electronic Privacy Information Centre (EPIC) has asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Uber’s privacy policy, which permits Uber the right to track users even when they’re not using the Uber app.

In EPIC’s complaint, it says “Uber’s collection of user’s information far exceeds what customers expect from the transportation service.  Users would not expect the company to collect location information when customers are not actively using the app.”

In response, Uber says that users will be able to opt out of the new privacy policy.  However, EPIC says that forcing users to opt out of the data collection “places an unreasonable burden on consumers.”

Link (USA Today): Privacy group asks US FTC to investigate Uber

UK ICO orders Google to improve its “vague” privacy policy

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has ordered Google to sign a formal undertaking to improve its “vague” privacy policy by addressing the lack of easily accessible information describing the ways in which, and the purposes for which, Google will process personal data, and the lack of sufficient explanation of technical terms to service users. Google must fix these issues by August 2015. Outside of the UK, French and Spanish data protection authorities have fined Google €150,000 and €900,000 respectively for breach of their privacy laws and the Dutch data protection authority is currently threatening Google with a €15 million fine.

Link: Google undertaking to ICO