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Early info on TPP’s electronic commerce chapter

The new Trans-Pacific Partnership was signed last week, and includes a chapter on electronic commerce.  The full details of the agreement are not yet available, but New Zealand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) has released a summary.

The chapter on electronic commerce promises to be of particular interest to privacy and data protection practitioners.  In its summary of chapter 14, MFAT states:

“TPP Parties commit to ensuring free flow of the global information and data that drives the Internet and the digital economy, subject to legitimate public policy objectives such as personal information protection.  The 12 Parties also agree not to require that TPP companies build data centres to store data as a condition for operating in a TPP market, and, in addition, that source code of software is not required to be transferred or accessed.”

Link: TPP Ministerial Summary (MFAT)