UK ICO issues “Right to be Forgotten” enforcement notice

The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has issued its first ever “right to be forgotten” enforcement notice against Google Inc.  The ICO followed the 2014 European Union Court of Justice’s decision in Google Spain SL, which permits anyone to request the removal of information where that information is inaccurate, inadequate, excessive or, irrelevant.  In each case, a number of factors will be relevant including the type of information in question, its sensitivity, the role of the individual in public life, the amount of time which has passed and the interests of the public in having access to the information.

ICO ordered Google Inc to remove several links to new stories about the complainant’s previous criminal offence, which was committed almost ten years ago.  Google Inc has not indicated whether it will appeal the decision.

Link: UK ICO issues “Right to be Forgotten” enforcement notice